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At Buzzy Wraps we’re not particularly fond of using plastic to store fresh food in. While it is difficult to eliminate it from our homes completely, we have always tried to keep it to a minimum. Having a vegetable garden at home, shopping as much as possible at local markets for fresh fruit and veg, and being part of a community well known for embracing organic green living, it made little sense to store everything in plastic containers, bags, cling film, zip lock bags and the like to keep it fresh.

It was this, a general desire to reduce waste in our family homes and our impact on the environment that gave birth to Buzzy Wraps.

Our wax wraps are carefully handmade using 100% cotton infused with South African beeswax, jojoba oil and natural food grade tree resin. Buzzy Wraps are a sustainable, environmentally responsible alternative to plastic bags and cling film  – and make for a great presentation on the kitchen table and picnics.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy your Buzzy Wraps!