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If all my boxes were ticked by one product, these beeswax wraps would be it. They’re proudly SA, highly innovative, plastic free, discourage single-use plastics and make my life so much easier because I can just seal a container or singular food item like half an avo or loaf or bread without needing yet another container. They’re just the best.
Robyn Smith, Faithfull to Nature
Wow, these are better than expected. Looks like the plastic wrap roll in my kitchen drawer will be the last:D Time to loose plastic from my life! Thanks, really great idea!
‘Everything I love I wrap in Buzzy Wraps.’
I just bought Buzzywraps in a market in Somerset west last week and I am now evangelically talking about Buzzywraps. My cheese stays fresh, I am using Buzzywraps with halved lemons, not sure if they’re for that. ! I love them and am buying more for christmas presents. I’m spreading the word about your amazing product. Thanks!
Lorna Evans
Hi, I’d like to mention your service on your testimonial page. I hadn’t received my Buzzy wraps last week and I absolutely had to have them by christmas. I admit I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands (I’m not usually an online shopper). But when I emailed Buzzywraps, they literally delivered to me by hand that afternoon – I then got my original delivery the next day. Such good customer care is not common, I thank you, Go Buzzywraps!
Yolandi 😉
Yolandi Jones
Hi Buzzy Wraps. I just wanted to let you know how much I love my wax wraps. There are always in use. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I love folding them, they’re actually therapeutic. 😉

We did receive them and are thrilled.   We are actually on our way from Kentucky to Yakima, Washington (coast to coast, flying) to visit my wife’s sister.  We are taking her two of them!!!! It was so kind of you to go to all that trouble for a small order.  It is appreciated.  My son-in-law is coming to the US next month and my daughter has ordered addition wraps for him to bring us.  Great product. Wish we could order here.
Thanks again for all the trouble.  Looking for details on how to pay you.  Tom

My (Buzzy Wraps) wax wraps is uitstukkend! Hulle ruik so lekker, hulle hou so vas op my bakkies en ek is so lief vir die kroes geraas.
Seriously your wraps are AWESOME! I am so pleased with them. I really didn’t like keeping cheese in the plastic from the shops. Also I can’t believe how fresh they keep bread, really impressive.
These things are soo cool man, forget about how fresh they keep my cheese. They just feel so great I can’t stop touching them. Love Sharne
Sharne Visser

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Brilliant, brilliant product

20/03/2018, By Tania

This is a replacement set. My first set of buzzy wraps has been used daily for a year, they still work but are coming to the end of their life. I am going to use them for firelighters as suggested!

Fantastic product

18/03/2018, By Samantha

I very seldom write reviews, but this really is a fantastic product. Does exactly what it says it will do and takes the shape of and “sticks” to whatever you wrap in it. Would definitely recommend and buy again.

Excellent replacement for cling wrap!

05/03/2018, By SP

These are great – sizes are perfect and they work really well. I will be getting more and everybody getting these as a birthday gift this year!

Works exactly as described.

27/02/2018, By Daniela

Great product. Works well and very economical in the long run.

practical and economical

11/02/2018, By merco

Saves loads on plastic wrap and foil. Works as well or better on most foods.
Wash with care – a scrub with a sponge, and they are good only as firelighters.

New plastic free food wraps

09/02/2018, By Prue

They are an interesting concept and work well. Delighted to be rid of cling-wrap and Tupperware boxes.

Love it!

22/01/2018, By Jeanne

Love it! Yes it’s not cling wrap but it’s a really great alternative and has worked well so far 🙂

Great product!

09/01/2018, By Brooke

Love them! They work great and are def. worth the investment

Love it!

15/12/2017, By Christa

I absolutely love my buzzy wraps. Still want to buy a few more. Such a nice & beautiful way to wrap food.

Love my buzzy wrap!

04/12/2017, By Khoska

Love my buzzy wrap! It’s particularly good for wrapping blocks of cheese.

Love it

30/11/2017, By Zen

Love my buzzy wraps. No more cling wrap and great for wrapping kids sandwiches and cheese

Will purchase again and again

08/11/2017, By Khaya

So glad to have found an alternative to cling wrap/tinfoil that works brilliantly for me and the Earth.


25/10/2017, By Emma

These are super useful if you’re like me and not a fan of having loads of tupperware (!) or glass dishes with lids cluttering up cupboards and the fridge. I use them for wrapping butter, cheese, half avo’s, cold meats…the smallest one is super small, I would buy more of the medium and large for sure. Great gift for Christmas to reduce the use of plastic.

Fantastic product

07/10/2017, By Sascha

I love how versatile these wraps are. They work perfectly for cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables.

Love it!

04/10/2017, By Wanita

I love my Buzzy Wraps and find that they keep fresh food fresher than plastic wrap! One minor challenge (that other people may have resolved or have suggestions for) is identifying wrapped food. Not sure if there is a labeling option/solution?

Works perfectly!

30/09/2017, By Jolandi

Amazing! I am so excited about this product! It works really well. They are not perfectly water-tight but would definitely keep saucy food in place, say, while travelling. Works perfectly!

Excellent product and good for the environment

29/09/2017, By Erilene

These wax wraps are excellent. If you expect them to perform like cling wrap, forget it. Take care of them properly, they’ll last up to 8 months at least. I find them excellent to wrap cheese in, sandwiches, avos, herbs, that half lemon, bread, etc.
Very happy with this product.

So disappointed.

28/08/2017, By Esme

I had such high hopes for this product…But I’m so disappointed. Even though I watched the video on how to wrap a bowl, which I subsequently followed step-by-step, my wraps have difficulty staying in place (i.e. mine do not stick to either glass or porcelain), meaning that they do not seal properly, which kind of defies the point it seems. I have nonetheless used them about every other day and find that after a two months their stickiness is even poorer, meaning that I almost have to throw them away. I thought I’d be able to use them at least for one year.

Hi Esme, we do apologise. They should stick to themselves, glass, ceramics and the like, but sometimes need to be warmed by holding them in your hands – mostly when they’re new. Unless washed harshly or with detergent they do last about 12 months. This is of course a rough guide, but if you do have any issues, we’ll certainly replace a Buzzy Wrap that isn’t performing properly.

Don’t regret not buying this!

12/08/2017, By joodel

An earth-friendly alternative to clingwrap. What’s not to like/ It even smells like honey!


20/07/2017, By Rose

Just such a fantastic concept! Love them


20/07/2017, By Rose

Just such a fantastic concept! Love them

Pleasantly surprised

13/07/2017, By Nathalie

Pleasantly surprised, they work really great!

Great gift!

19/06/2017, By Robyn

An awesome novel gift that is actually going to make the world a better place! And it works so well.


19/06/2017, By Sheldene

I’m enjoying it, honestly

Great alternative to glad wrap

05/06/2017, By Lau

Takes getting used to but does the job

They are definitely a good idea and will use them lots!

28/05/2017, By Fiona

Love my buzzy wraps!

They are definitely a good idea. Will use them lots!

28/05/2017, By Fiona

Love my buzzy wraps!

Blue Dot Buzzy Wrap Single Medium

Definite thumbs up for this lovely product.

06/02/2018, By Jen

Love everything about this wrap and I will definitely be getting more. I use it to wrap cheese.

Great product

31/01/2018, By Caroline

Use same buzzy wrap everyday for my childs sandwiches. Washes well. Covers well. Great product

So good to use this instead of plastic!

19/09/2017, By Hanlie

So good to use this instead of plastic!

Loving my buzz wraps and they get better the more you use them

23/08/2017, By Tracey

Loving my buzz wraps and they get better the more you use them.

Snack carry wrap

19/06/2017, By Ayanda

I wrap my nuts with this


19/01/2018, By Belinda

Amazing product, works like a charm!


13/01/2018, By Belinda

Works fantastically well.

I love to not use plastic!

19/09/2017, By Hanlie

I love to not use plastic!

Roti Cloth

19/06/2017, By Ayanda

It worked for covering my roti

Sadly, not what I expected

28/03/2017, By Michelle

I was super excited to use this product as I hate the idea of adding plastic cling film to landfills. It worked very well initially and I thought I had a winner on my hands.
Unfortunately; after a few washes, the wax seems to have dissolved and it now longer sticks. I used no harsh chemicals to clean it, most of the time I just rinsed it. I wonder the tablespoon of vinegar I added to the large basin of water (a common ingredient for cleaning in my house), could have dissolved it?
There are no warning signs, and just a vague
inse or clean with mild detergent for the instructions.

I am super disappointed about this, as the wrap has now basically been degraded to a cloth. I only used it for about 3 weeks before this happened. For the price and the promise of it lasting for 12 months, I expected a whole lot more.

From now on I will use dish towels and kitchen string.

Hi Michelle, we apologise and will replace your Buzzy Wraps. They should stick to themselves, glass, ceramics and the like, but sometimes need to be warmed by holding them in your hands when new. Unless washed harshly or with detergent they should last about 12 months.


17/03/2017, By Tamzyn

Easy to use, and easy to clean. I thought that it would affect the taste of the foods, due to the wax, but it does not. Works Amazingly

Goodbye Cling wrap

08/03/2017, By Andrea

Im so excited this is available on FTN. I used this to cover an entire lasagna dish and store it in the fridge. It was super easy to mold around the top of the dish and fold and pinch into place and then when it came time to reheat, the buzzywrap was just removed and dish went straight into the oven. Its easy to clean with warm water, fold and store for next use. Love it

Worth trying

19/06/2017, By Ayanda

Pretty print