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20 03, 2019

How we are turning the Earth into Plastic

How we are turning the Earth into Plastic 8.3 billion cubic tons of plastic waste, 335 million tons more a year and growing, 500 to 1000 years to break it down, its all in our food chain as micro-plastics. So it looks like we're gonna eat it!

1 12, 2018

Should you stop recycling?

Earth is swimming in plastic. Plastic is in everything from our clothes to the fish we eat. 50% of things in recycling bins aren't recycled. Till now...

27 02, 2017

Your Online Organic Shop – Faithful to Nature, Now stocks Buzzy Wraps

We are very proud to announce that Faithful to Nature - Your online organic shop, now stocks Buzzy Wraps. Head over to Faithful to Nature now and purchase a Buzzy Wraps gift pack, and check out thousands of other fantasticly organic and sustainably minded products they stock. Faithful to Nature is a haven in our hectic world where

10 01, 2017

A Better Way to Pack Lunch – 15% Off Sandwich Wraps

Oh yes, it's that time of the year again! Packing satchels and covering books, stocking up on pens and pencils — as you build that back­-to-­school shopping list, don't forget to add Buzzy Wraps™ to the mix. Our smallest wraps are just the thing for wrapping up snacks, fruit, nuts or granola.

17 11, 2016

Buzzy Wraps for Summer Picnic Adventures

'The season of picnics is upon us! Whether you're packing for a Kirstenbosch concert, a weekend wander up Table Mountain, or a lunchtime sneak to Hyde Park - reach for the Buzzy Wraps™. Read on for three suggestions to get your Buzzy Wraps™ in action on your next outdoor excursion.

12 08, 2016

New Buzzy Wraps Packaging

The first batch of our new point-of-sale boxes nearly ready to ship - we're very excited! If you are interested in carrying Buzzy Wraps in your shop or craft stall we now have a handy box to hold stock and display beautifully. We’d love to supply you locally, or around the world. Please email (South Africa) or (Europe

23 02, 2016

Buzzy Wraps a new and natural alternative to plastic wrap!

Introducing BuzzyWraps™. Buzzy Wraps are the natural alternative to plastic food storage. Keep a casserole fresh in the fridge for tasty sneaky snacking. Wrap cheese, half of an avocado, a loaf of bread, kids sandwich, or cover a bowl or jar. Our Wax Wraps are made with beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Easy to