The season of picnics is upon us!

Whether you’re packing for a Kirstenbosch concert, a weekend wander up Table Mountain, or a lunchtime sneak to Hyde Park – reach for the Buzzy Wraps™. Read on for three suggestions to get your Buzzy Wraps™ in action on your next outdoor excursion.

When your meal is done, tuck Buzzy Wraps™ back into your picnic basket or backpack — and let your conscience relax knowing you’ve chosen the reusable, sustainable alternative to disposable plastics.

Don’t have aBuzzy Wraps™ yet? Aaaagh Shame!

Get Some Now

Cover a bowl. Keeps the flies at bay with a sheet ofBuzzy Wraps™ over your bowl of salad, berries, or coleslaw. Use the warmth of your hands to form the wrap over your dish, creating a seal. Shop our large wraps, starting at R29.

Curb the crumbs. Use a sandwich wrap as a placemat or plate. These make a great substitute for paper plates at family gatherings. Shop sandwich wraps, available for just R53.

Rinse and repeat. When your meal is done, simply rinse yourBuzzy Wraps™ in cool water to wipe away crumbs or any food residue. Caring for your Buzzy Wraps™ is real easy.

“At Buzzy Wraps™ we are committed to using our business for social change, and to bettering the lives of people and our planet.”

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